WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Alpha Pen 510 Battery by AVD


The sleek design of the AVD Alpha Pen Battery features a removable cap that covers your 510 thread cartridge, keeping it concealed and discreet. No more broken carts - the metal cap provides protection from drops and falls.

Enjoy the full flavor of the oil in your cartridge without overheating or burning it. AVD’s PowerWave™ technology helps stabilize temperatures and regulate the heat generated by the cartridge. With haptic vibration, you’ll know the battery is activating without needing to look for LED light indicators.

  • Voltage control switch
    • 2.6V for flavor and terpene retention
    • 3.5V for big clouds
  • Grade-A Lithium-ion battery with 280 mAh capacity
  • Draw-activated haptic vibration for intuitive use
  • PowerWave technology maintains consistent temperature
  • Micro-USB port with short-circuit overcharge protection