WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Rocket MK 1 E-nail by dabX


the dabX rocket turns any glass rig into a next generation smart rig. designed for maximum vapor production, the rocket boasts a reverse airflow atomizer that enables you to enjoy massive, full-flavor dabs with ease. custom heating profiles intelligently heat your concentrate over 15 seconds to preserve your terps and allow you to load multiple dabs at once without wasting any product.

gone are the days of blow torches and Q-tips, blast off with the rocket and enter the future of dabbing.

get the perfect tasting dab every time. 4 intelligent heating profiles calibrated for different types of concentrate, heat the product at varying temperatures over 15 seconds to activate cannabinoids and preserve terpenes.

The ceramic heating plate quickly and cleanly melts any concentrate and the reverse airflow technology guarantees maximum vapor production. In other words... this thing rips!

load up the atomizer. press one button. 15 seconds later the perfectly heated dab awaits.

the body is machined from aerospace grade titanium, which eliminates the foreign taste that comes from cheap metals, plastics or paint coatings. no plastics anywhere in the vapor path means no chemicals leeching their way into your dab.

no Q-tips necessary in between dabs. when you do want to clean just disassemble. soak in isopropyl alcohol, rinse then air dry.

the 1500mAh USB-C battery charges in 30 minutes and delivers 30-50 dabs per full charge. a pass-thru charging design allows for use while connected to a direct power source.

standard 14mm glass adapter instantly converts your favorite glass into a next gen dab rig. 10mm and 18mm male and female adapters sold separately.

the smart power unit has the ability to detect the load being placed on the atomizer and automatically adjust the power level in real time. this ensures you will always have a perfectly heated dab that hits smooth and never tastes burnt


rocket mk. 1 device
smart power unit
second atomizertitanium dab tool
usb-c charger
3 spare o-rings
14mm glass adapter stand